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 ugly guy joke

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PostSubject: ugly guy joke   Wed Sep 02, 2009 1:44 am

A VERY ugly man walks into a pub with a big grin on his face, and orders a guiness.

'What are you so happy about?', asks the Barman.

'Well, I'll tell you,' replies the ugly man.. 'As you know, I live down beside the railway. Well, on my way home from the pub, last night, I discovered a young woman tied to the rail lines, just like in the films. I, of course, went and cut her free, and took her back to my flat. Anyway, to make a long story short, I scored big time! We shagged all night, all over the house. We did everything: me on top, sometimes her on top, every imaginable position.

'Fantastic, you lucky bastard!', exclaimed the Barman. Was she pretty?'

'Don't know. Never found the head.'

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ugly guy joke
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