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 Lone Ranger

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PostSubject: Lone Ranger   Tue Oct 20, 2009 8:19 am

The Lone Ranger is drinking in a bar with Tonto after chasing bad guys all day.
A guy walks into the bar and says " who owns that big white horse out there".
The Lone Ranger says "that's my horse Silver".
The guy says "what did you do he is all wet and lathered up, didn't you cool
him off after you rode him"? The Lone Ranger asked Tonto to go cool off his
horse. Tonto goes out and starts running circles around the horse for air flow.
A few mins later another guys walks in and says "who owns that big white
horse out there"? The Lone Ranger says "that's my horse Silver". The guys
says "you left your injun running"!
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Lone Ranger
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