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PostSubject: blonde   Thu Apr 01, 2010 1:41 am

A blond woman was speeding down the road in her little yellow bug!
She gets pulled over by a woman police officer who was also a blond.

The blond cop walks up to the car and asked to see the blond's driver's license.

The blond driver digs through her purse and was getting progressively more agitated!
She finally asks, "What does it look like?"

The blond policewoman replied, "It's square and it has your picture on it".

The driver finally found a square mirror in her purse, looked at it, and
sure enough, handed it to the policewoman.
"Here it is," she said!

The blond officer looked at the mirror, studied it, and then handed it back
to the blond driver!
The blond officer then says, "Okay, you can go.............. I didn't realize you were a cop!"
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