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 Last saturday's event at the Boathouse

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PostSubject: Last saturday's event at the Boathouse   Tue Apr 20, 2010 5:57 am

la belle helene wrote:
May I ask 'the management' or admin why the loch-side car park was closed for three days last week. I initially thought that the potholes were going to be repaired or the ares was to be resurfaced. I was later informed that it was for a wedding party to be held last Saturday but I only saw 1 car parked there on Saturday night. Oh, and by the way, no potholes were filled either within the three day window!

It was closed (as you say for three days) so that a group of dutch visitors could parade up and down it for half an hour behind a piper as part of a function for which the boathouse was closed all day saturday to everyone else. Not only that but the boathouse front grass was replaced for them and the fuel berth path was relaid 'cos they wanted access to the lawn behind the boathouse. Naturally, the sand on the north-east foreshore of that lawn had to be raked in order to ensure its 5 star perfection - yes seriously - the gardners did that on Friday!!! so they never quite got round to car-park pot-holes[b] .

The best is yet to come though - that whole lawn was, and again now is, covered with no smoking / no naked flames notices (because of the petrol leak somewhere unknown along the length of the fuel pipeline which is keeping the petrol pump closed). Not on saturday night it wasnt though! The north-east beach at the boathouse had open braziers burning along its length (naked flames) and - just in case the party goers were worried about the danger of a nearby 5000 litre fuel tank explosion - those kind hotel people had hidden all the danger signage and tank breather pipes beside the fuel tanks by covering them up with drapery and other stuff. No doubt the dutchmen were crushing out their cigar butts on the fuel tank lids unaware of the vapour danger!! So much for management belief in health & safety of staff and guests at CH!!!

Various marina members and others saw this criminal irresponsibility happening, and frankly couldnt believe what they were seeing. That is quite apart from those of us who wanted a meal and (yet again) were turned away from the boathouse on saturday. You could just not believe the level of sheer stupidity, irresponsibility and greed which drives these hotel numpties. It was clear that the marina staff were apalled and raging about it too if their reaction on sunday was anything to go by, because it makes a total nonsense of everything they have been trying to do (and do well) with health & safety and SEPA (since mid december) for the safety of the members over this fuel issue, on which the hotel still seems to be fannying about and unable to even get the work started after 4 months.

Vera Scunnert
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PostSubject: Re: Last saturday's event at the Boathouse   Fri Dec 10, 2010 2:58 am

This is dangerous and because of this several people's life can be in danger. This should need to be taken care of. The people are gong in party to enjoy and not to destroy the party by putting their life in danger.

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Last saturday's event at the Boathouse
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