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 Dopey and The Six Dwarfs

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PostSubject: Dopey and The Six Dwarfs   Fri Jul 10, 2009 5:39 am

A senior nun was pottering around her convent when there was a knock on the large wooden front door.

She openes the hatch on the door and for a few moments can't see anyone until she hears a soft voice " Excuse me sister" she looks down and there's Dopey with his six friends lurking in the background.

"Yes my son how can i help you ?"

Dopey reply's

" Sister are there any nuns my size in your convent ?"

she pauses for a moment and replys

"Sorry we dont have any nuns your size" and closes the hatch.
the six dwarfs start chuckling in the background.

a moment later the nun hears another knock on the door and opens the hatch to find Dopey and the dwarfs still there.

" Excuse me again sister but are there any nuns my size in the diocese ?"

" Sorry my son there are no nuns your size in our diocese" the dwarfs burst out laughing and the puzzled nun closes the hatch.

A few moments later the door goes again this time the nun frustrated by the interuptions open the hatch and barks

" What is it this time ?"

A worried Dopey looks up

"Sorry sister but are there any nuns my size anywhere in the country ?"

An Angry nun shouts

" Look son not only are there no nuns your size in the country but there are no nuns your size anywhere in the world"

The six dwarfs are by this time rolling about in tears of laughter singing.

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Dopey and The Six Dwarfs
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