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PostSubject: Private Members section   Sat Apr 24, 2010 7:46 am

I started a new thread because the car park one was going off course.

Quoting Admin..With regards to a private forum area, I have enough details from the registration process to figure out who is actually a marina member.

Do we really need a CH marina members ONLY section ? scratch

would that not seem to be a bit "them and us" ?

I personally don't see the need and think that it would just drive non members away from this forum completely. other loch users already have strong and mainly unfounded opinions on our members.

Would anyone be able to see the posts or would it be password protected if so why, what has anyone on here got to say that should be kept secret from other loch users ? This is a public boating forum for people who cruise the loch and a valuable resource for others who might want to take up boating or join the marina.
This and other forums are a great place to build a comunity for people who have similar interests and can often result in good friendships and exellent help and advice. I would hate to see that spoiled by a few who want to put up private barriers.

If anyone wants to talk exclusively to marina members they can start a new thread and set their own rules on who can reply to it if they want.
If the idea is to have a section where members can vent about De-vere in secret and think they wont see it, then get real, if they wanted to see it they just have to ask a friendly member to send them the password or e-mail the content.

Some forum members choose to hide behind a nickname and don't attach their boat names so they can say anything they like which is fair enough not everyone is the same, but personally I won't post anything that i wouldn't say to you or the management face to face.

Admin I really think that this is something that needs to be voted on by members before you take the side of 2 members who are asking for it and if the majority want it, then thats fair enough. If its just the two members then I will personally supply the string and two empty cans and they can keep in touch Very Happy

For non cameron house boaters reading this thread My Boat is "Southern Comfort" if you see me drifting without power please offer your assistance Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Private Members section   Sun Apr 25, 2010 2:34 pm

Carboss I agree as when we started this forum we were open to suggestion what users of the forum wanted to see. The forum is nearly 1 year old and still requires development just like many forums on the web. The forum was created with categories and a single category for anything related with CH marina. We could also add a category relating to other marinas on the loch should it be required as the forum matures.

I have had a number of boat owners in the marina who do read the forum as guests, but have not registered, but enjoy reading the postings. That is entirely up to them if they wish to register, but nobody will be forced to join.

So far we have 50 plus members and the furthest member lives in Australia and members of the forum have made friends with other boat owners on the loch.
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Private Members section
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